Ecology and Spirituality

a transformative learning

starting Oct 15 – March 15

This residential course at Center for Evolutionary Consciousness offers you practical tools for personal and global transformation. It is an education for life, with the aim to strengthen the deeper dimension in your relationship with the Earth and with yourself. It is a living and learning process where Ecology and Practical Spirituality are integrated into a holistic understanding of Life on this planet.

The course brings us beyond our human centric perception, pointing at our individual role in the web of Life and its vast intelligence, where all Beings are equally included as part of our Life. This education provides theoretical classes and practical experiences, aiming to promote self-sustainability and to strengthen the spiritual dimension in our relationship with the Earth and with ourselves.

‘Ecology & Spirituality’ is a life transformative learning experience, providing a profound practical wisdom.

Course Curriculum

The course curriculum includes modules equipping the participants with skills in Permaculture, Yoga and Meditation, Self-Sustainability, Transformative Cosmology, Creative Writing and Community living.

The Center for Evolutionary Consciousness offers a living and  learning atmosphere where students of the ‘Ecology & Spirituality’ Course get the chance to participate in the cocreation of Community life. Through the practical living experience, study circles and various courses taught by in-house as well as visiting teachers, students gain insightful learning on a wide range of essential topics such as Life on Earth, Practical Ecology & Sustainability and World View.


Module I :

– Ecological Architecture
– Sustainable building materials and Adaptation
– Use of land, water and waste management
– Building towards a sustainable future
– Building a model house
– Yoga and meditation
– Community living
– Creative Writing

Module II :

– Ecological Design and Permaculture
– Basic understanding of human
relationship with nature and cosmos.
– Design objects that are
sustainable to the environment
– Address issues of climate change
– Natural way of living in Urban areas
– Sacredness and ecology
– Evolution of Consciousness