Friends of Divinya Gathering

4th August - An evening to rejoice

It is 3 weeks after the festival, still we are in the joyful memory of Yoga Mela.

On August 4th we welcome all Friends of Divinya to come together for a wonderful evening to rejoice.

The evening starts with a Satsang by Guruji Sri Vast, followed by dinner and a concert with Mattis Olsson & friends. There is no fee for this event. Please arrive before 3 pm.

Welcome to bring your friends and family.


3 pm          Arrival at Divinya
4 pm          Satsang with Guruji Sri Vast
6.30 pm     Dinner
8.00 pm     Concert with Mattis Olsson & Friends

call to register:
070 828 74 82

There is no fee for this event.

Shuttle Service

We offer shuttle bus service from Eslöv station by 2.30 pm and return by 10 pm. Please register in advance, so we can serve you better.

Please register in advance and let us know if you like to take the shuttle bus, so that we can accommodate everyone.

2.30 pm          Eslöv Station to Divinya
10pm              Divinya to Eslöv Station


We are happy to inform that Guruji Sri Vast will be giving Satsang on Saturday August 4th at 4-6 pm.

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