Yoga Weekends 2018

The Living Meditation

Our yoga community creates a space for all yoga enthusiasts to gather on weekends and explore various styles of yoga in a beautiful, serene atmosphere. The Yoga Weekends are designed to give an inspiring learning experience for those who are new to yoga, as well as for those at a high level of yoga and spiritual practices.

Every Weekend will be unique with different teachers, musicians and inspiration.

Participants can choose between single yoga classes or buy a yoga day pass, which allows them to participate in all the programs. Visitors can enjoy our parks and gardens as part of their experience. Evenings are filled with chanting, kirtans and Satsang.

The sanctuary serves as a place for people to gather and enrich their spiritual growth. Every weekend we have programs on the topics of yoga, philosophy, ecology and spirituality. It is a place where one can nurture one’s body, mind and soul. Welcome to a profound, contemplative place of Living Meditation.

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